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Preparing Students for the Upcoming Challenges of University
Private Schools in TorontoWhen looking for private schools in Toronto, it is important for parents to understand the values behind the institution they are considering and how the school aims to provide a positive learning environment for each and every student.
A private school should strive to offer a superior and rigorous academic program that challenges students and encourages them to give their very best in all of their educational pursuits. These institutions focus on the concept of supplying students with the necessary tools to maintain continual success long after graduation. This involves teaching them appropriate learning skills and study habits, while demonstrating how to strike a positive balance between work and extra-curricular activities.
The goal of a private school should be to develop students who are:
  • Effective communicators;
  • Self-directed learners;
  • Collaborative workers;
  • Skilled information processors;
  • Problem solvers; and
  • Informed and productive thinkers.
University Preparation
Too often high schools are concerned with simply helping students graduate, however once they get to university, they are faced with a world of overwhelming challenges. Many find it difficult to balance heavier workloads with their new social life, as well as apply their learning and research skills appropriately in new university formats. After attending a private secondary school, students will not only have the grades required to be accepted into the university of their choice, but they will leave high school with the ability to maintain their high grade point average in their post-secondary education.
The goal of educators and administrators in private schools is to prepare their pupils for the new challenges that they will face in their future academic careers. This involves focusing on developing effective study habits and learning skills that can be applied in any situation.
By taking a "learning by doing” approach in the classroom, students do not passively sit and listen to lectures, but instead engage in discussions, ask questions and become actively involved in lesson plans, resulting in the increased retention of information.
The Importance of Technology
As technology becomes increasingly more important in society, it is vital for students to become comfortable with its applications and establish a firm working knowledge in this area. Integrating cutting-edge computers and learning technology into the curriculum gives students better chances for future success. Students who understand the basic functions of technology have a wider range of opportunities available to them when they are ready to go to university and enter the working world.
Well-Rounded Individuals
Private schools offer various extra-curricular activities, including clubs, organizations and athletic teams. Participation is greatly encouraged, as it helps to emphasize the importance of finding a balance between work and leisure time.
Furthermore, these activities help students determine where their natural talents and gifts lie, while also helping to establish long-lasting and positive relationships with peers. Becoming involved in extra-curricular activities promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Graduates of private schools leave with the ability to apply their valuable learning skills to their university programs and continue to achieve success in the future.
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